ACIS Cadre: Leading for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

The core component of all successful change initiatives is an experienced and creative team supporting innovation. Your Helianthus LLC team for innovation in Arts-Based Learning and Creativity is our ACIS Cadre.

The ACIS Cadre (Arts and Creativity Integration Specialists) is a supplemental consultation group of highly qualified, veteran educators capable of mentoring a multi-tiered implementation framework supporting the integration of Arts-Based Learning and Creativity into the PBL culture of our clients’ schooling environment. The six levels of implementation and interventions recommended for a balanced and effective process include:

  • Strategic planning for Arts-based Learning and Creativity implementation in conjunction with existing strategic plans and mandated curriculum, needs-based assessments, test data analysis, staff utilization, implementing embedded and on-going professional development and budget development
  • Clinical supervision – classroom monitoring training
  • Administrative training in key practices, Federal programs (ESEA), data analysis and implementation strategies
  • Parent involvement training (Effective Partnership Practices)
  • Teacher training (Pedagogy) with classroom “generalist” and Arts ”specialists” for effective instructional collaboration as well as integrated student workshops (”summits”) for all client members: students, parents, teachers, administrators.
  • Extended learning (after-school, summer) venue development

Schools implementing Arts-Based Learning find Arts and Creativity Integration Specialists (ACIS) to be extremely valuable resources for guiding the planning of professional development and for supporting collaborations among teachers and with partners such as cultural institutions and teaching artists.

When the Helianthus ACIS Cadre is invited to develop and support the implementation of Arts-based learning and creativity in conjunction with PBL and Professional Learning Communities, a balanced and comprehensive approach is developed from a client-specific, needs-based perspective.

Grounded in Project-Based Learning (PBL), Helianthus consultants work directly with educators to enable the development of plans and processes leading to excellence in learning.

NOTE: ACIS cadre members represent experiences as successful classroom teachers, Arts specialists, building, district, regional and state level education administrators, school-improvement specialists, curriculum-instruction-assessment specialists, federal programs specialists, institutional and non-profit Arts administrators, higher education teacher preparation and pre-service specialists, peer evaluators for 21st CCLC programs and schools of excellence, cultural and diversity integration specialists, technology integration specialist, designers, composers, play-writes, choreographers, sculptors, authors, story tellers, film makers, electronic media specialists, photographers, artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers and linguists (Japanese and Chinese)