About Us:

Public Education is re-tooling for the 21st century. A major component of this task is embedded in the mental models of teachers, parents and community members. Helianthus hopes to support advocacy efforts for change and learning organizational models within schooling institutions and their partnership relations/programs.

The following expectation of public education is very basic to most metal models of schooling in America and around the world: Teachers are the purveyors of knowledge, gate-keepers of academia. This is changing. Teachers in the 21st Century need to be facilitators...leading discovery in a Socratic arena. We have traumatized the idea of being wrong to the point that by 3rd grade most children are interested in pleasing the teacher and being compliant, fearing the teacher’s wrath (and their peer’s and parent’s) by providing "wrong" answers.

Now we hear from industry that they want open minds, creative, intellectual risk takers..."sorry, we don't have any of those...please come back later...". It is now a global phenomenon and industries around the world are competitively vying for those individuals who can meet the creative challenges.

Helianthus intends to help remove the disconnect between schooling, education and industry through model policies, curriculum and community involvement.

Our Staff

Bob Dunkerley
educational leadership
cell: 412.848.6011
Karen Dunkerley
curriculum and design
cell: 412.848.8940
Erin Clemens
foreign language and culture
cell: 304.282.0480
Ryan Dunkerley
web and technology
cell: 412.657.0311